Deer Hunting Tip 1: Scent

The human scent is detrimental to your deer hunting game. Deer can smell the human scent a mile away. Even the residual scent is enough to send them running. Keep your deer hunting clothes separated and sealed in a plastic bag to prevent the transfer of odors. Place leaves and other field debris in the bag with the clothing to absorb the scent of nature. This will allow your Realtree camo to absorb the natural scents while masking yours.

Deer Hunting Tip 2: Practice

Practice makes perfect, and nothing will make your spot more perfect than practicing setup while maintaining a stealth operation. Practice setting up and getting into your spot quietly. You will be prepared on deer hunting day.

Deer Hunting Tip 3: Realtree Camo

Maintaining a stealthy operation is key to your deer hunting outcomes. Wear Realtree camo and avoid the color blue. Since deer can see colors near the violet end of the spectrum, blue can make the hunter visible to deer.

Deer Hunting Tip 4: Trimming

Avoid trimming trees and disturbing the hunting field. The scent of freshly cut trees can deter a wise buck.

Deer Hunting Tip 5: Tree Stand Blinds

When it comes to deer hunting, maximum concealment is the goal. Tree stand blinds can provide maximum concealment and shelter from the elements.

Deer Hunting Tip 6: Ticks

When you are out in the woods deer hunting, ticks are too. Ticks are bloodsucking parasites that transmit diseases, such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, and tularemia. Protect yourself from ticks by using a tick repellent.

Deer Hunting Tip 7: Scrapes

A buck will create scrapes to catch the attention of does. Spraying deer attractant near the scrapes can lure the buck and trick him into thinking does are near. You can also create mock scrapes. Getting a buck to stand still at a specific location is a desired scenario when deer hunting. Create multiple scrapes to lure a buck along the route you create. Using scents can be useful, but presentation is more important. Pull down a limb, tie it to maintain the desired height and position it with wire. Strategically place licking branches for the ultimate scrapes.

Deer Hunting Tip 8: Position

Where you position your stand is key. An elevated tree stand on the outermost edge of cover is the best deer hunting position. Your position will create high visibility for you and low visibility for the deer, increasing your shooting range.

Deer Hunting Tip 9: Charcoal Face Paint

Avoid greasy face paints when deer hunting, and benefit from charcoal. It is easy to apply and remove.

Deer Hunting Tip 10: Zip Ties

Taking zip ties along on your deer hunting adventure can prove to be useful. You can use zip ties to tag a deer, fasten a ground blind in place or add cover to your stand.