If you are getting BuckedUp for hunting season, you are probably thinking about your Realtree camo. Some of us wear our BuckedUp to display our country roots, and some are searching for the ultimate camo and colors to fall below the radar of a deer’s eye. What deer can actually see might surprise you, and have you rethinking your hunting apparel this season. When it comes to deer, there is more than meets the eye.

It is commonly believed that deer see in black and white; however, the reality is quite different. The eye of a mammal contains two different types of light receiving cells, rods and cones. Rods are sensitive to lower light frequency, and do not perceive color well. In contrast, cones perceive color well in the daylight. We know that deer have more rod cells than cones, making it easier to see at night. But what colors can a deer really see?

Color is how the eye perceives certain frequencies and wavelengths of the visible spectrum of light. The visible spectrum of light is found in the rainbow. Red is at one end of the spectrum, where we find the longest wavelength of visible light. At the other end of the spectrum is violet, where we find the shortest wavelength of visible light. What colors can a deer see?

For a better understanding, let’s consider the human eye for a moment. There are many wavelengths of light we cannot see, such as ultraviolet and infrared light. Just as the human ear is limited to a certain spectrum of sound, the human eye is limited to a certain spectrum of light. The human eye has a stronger perception of color near the red end of the spectrum. The colors deer can see might surprise you.

Research indicates that deer can actually see and differentiate between some colors very well. Deer can see colors that near the violet end of the spectrum. This important information tells us they can see blue better than a human eye, and most likely even see ultraviolet light. Deer also show a slight sensitivity to yellow; however, they are limited when it comes to the other end of the spectrum. This is where hunters find the advantage, if they select their hunting apparel accordingly.

Since deer favor the violet end of the spectrum, they have difficulty perceiving green, orange, and red. These are the colors that appear to a deer as different shades of gray or as commonly believed, black and white. BuckedUp Realtree camo, orange and green are a safe bet this hunting season. But wait a minute! There is something we should know about the color blue!

Do not forget that deer can perceive the color blue better than the human eye. If you are considering wearing your blue jeans, think again! Stay away from blue, and stick to Realtree camo and anything safety orange or green. Realtree camo usually contains green, brown and gray patterns that keep hunters below the radar.