Visual acuity makes all the difference between the hunter and the prey. It can be the advantage or the weakness. The pupils of a deer expand three times that of a human pupil, sharpening their night vision. However, with eyes set wide apart, their depth perception suffers. They can see you coming, but not necessarily know how far away you are. Realtree camo and the stillness of a hunter can create the illusion of just a bump on the landscape.

Before you take the weakness of those wide set eyes for granted, the eye of a deer is actually quite extraordinary. Deer are able to see wide angles and more at once. Their ability to detect movement is so keen that it can kill a hunters game very quickly. Move an inch on the stand, and you stand losing that trophy shot. When it comes down to it, it is all about visual acuity and the hunting apparel.

All the Fuzzy Details

Humans have keen central vision, and are able to see small points with great clarity while the peripheral suffers.  Thanks to our optic fovea centralis in the center of our retina, and the many cones, we see with 80 percent greater acuity than a deer. The human eye has such extraordinary acuity that it can stare through a sight and hit its target with precision. A deer uses a band of photo receptors across the retina, allowing them to scan a landscape and all its fuzzy details. Realtree Camo is key when it comes to blending in with the landscape.

Realtree Camo in the Eye of a Deer

Realtree camo is designed with the eye of a deer in mind. Oranges, browns and greens are perceived as shades of gray. While deer are limited in their ability to see middle wavelengths of the visible color spectrum, a deer can see low wavelengths perfectly. Since deer favor the violet end of the spectrum, deer have difficulty perceiving the green, orange, and red found in Realtree camo. These are the colors that appear to a deer as different shades of gray or as commonly believed, black and white. The way a deer perceives color is why BuckedUp Realtree camo makes the perfect hunting apparel.